Apprenticeships can be used by schools to:

Build capacity by employing new apprentices

Up-skill the school workforce by training existing staff

Schools should consider the employment costs and recruitment timeline when employing new apprentices:

The Employment Cost


*Please note that staff can do less than 30 hours per week but the length of the programme would need to be extended to ensure enough hours are covered. 

Levy paying schools will pay for the training with their Levy pot. Non-Levy paying schools will contribute 10% of the training costs, with the government contributing the other 90%. So if the training costs £2,500, the school would need to pay £250. 


Recruitment & Selection


The school completes our online application form to employ apprentices.


The school advertises the vacancies locally and we advertise on our website, the National Apprenticeship Service website and TES Support.


We pre-screen the applications to check that the candidates understand the role, can travel to the school and are interested in the vacancy.


We send the school all of the applications to shortlist the candidates. The school informs us who they have shortlisted.


We contact all the shortlisted candidates and provide them with advice, information and guidance in preparation for their interview.


The school interviews the candidates to select their apprentices. We can support with interviews if required.


Getting Started

If you're interested in taking on new apprentices, simply fill in the form below to get started:


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