28th June 2018


5 reasons to upskill your SBMs with ILM Diplomas

Upskilling existing staff brings a wealth of benefits for schools – both in the short and long-term.

In this guide, we’ll explore five reasons as to why upskilling your current School Business Managers with ILM Diplomas is a no-brainer.

Gain nationally accredited and recognised qualifications

One of the main reasons to upskill School Business Managers with ILM Diplomas is the accredited recognition they’d achieve. It provides industry-renowned CPD for the school management team and helps SBMs to develop in their role while maintaining their knowledge and skills.

Improve productivity

Upskilling staff with any training improves productivity - however developing SBMs gives head teachers the time to focus on teaching, learning and student attainment while the school business staff enhance your school through leadership and management practices.

Gain specialist expertise

There are key areas that SMBs will develop in while completing an ILM qualification, such as financial resource management, administration, ICT, HR and facilities management. Gaining specialist expertise will help the schools management team to run the school more efficiently.

Raise morale and increase staff retention

Investing in employees can enhance the perception of their worth to the business - making them feel more secure in their roles and as a result, reduce turnover, absenteeism and presenteeism.

Not only will training refresh staff on theory, it will also keep them up-to-date on new strategies and methodologies within school business management. They will be able to put their learning into practice in their daily work, which will make them more willing to take on further responsibilities in terms of implementing and overseeing improvements.

Opportunity for progression

ILM Diplomas could provide the opportunity for office staff to progress within their career by completing the Level 4 programme. More experienced SMBs who want to develop their leadership and management skills could progress onto the Level 5 diploma to enhance their career.

Over to you

We’re one of the very few approved national providers offering Level 4 and 5 Diplomas for School Business Managers, and what makes us different is that all of our tutors are experienced SBMs that have actually completed the qualification themselves.

If you’ve got any questions about upskilling your SBMs with ILM Diplomas - be sure to get in touch to us via Twitter or LinkedIn. Talk to our expert team by emailing Joan.Maloney@nationalschoolstraining.co.uk to find out more.