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The ILM Level 5 Diploma in School Business Management is designed for experienced SBMs who want to develop their leadership and management skills. It is designed to enable the professional school business manager to understand and develop professional learning, and to experience a genuine sense of ownership within the senior leadership team.

The qualification also introduces participants to the strategic dimension of the school business manager’s role. Theoretical perspectives on leadership and management are also explored and participants are expected to demonstrate their application of these to their current role.

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Unit 1: Personal Effectiveness
The purpose of this unit it to provide the school business manager with the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of the personal effectiveness skills that underpin that role, the process for the development of those skills and how that process can be evaluated, including enabling the school business manager to develop own personal effectiveness through the preparation and implementation of a personal development action plan.

Unit 2: Leading and Managing Teams
To develop understanding of tools and techniques for reviewing team performance and improving the effectiveness of a team as required by a practising or potential school business manager.

Unit 3: Stakeholder Engagement
To develop understanding of working with a school’s stakeholders and the use of marketing techniques, promotional activities and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as required by a practising or potential school business manager.

Unit 4: Managing the business of schools
To develop understanding of the key concepts and techniques related to the strategic development of schools and strategic school initiatives as required by a practising or potential school business manager.

Unit 5: Managing School improvement
To develop the knowledge and skills required to be able to evaluate the current level of performance of a school and to understand the concepts of school improvement in order to make proposals for the adoption of an improvement initiative in a school. This includes understanding the nature of change in educational organisations, being able to manage change in schools, understanding the concept of value for money in a school and measures of efficiency and effectiveness in a school as part of a whole school value-for-money strategy.

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