The PE and School Sport apprenticeship framework aims to provide new apprentices and existing employees with an introduction to a variety of roles through engagement with Physical Education and School Sport (PESS), including teaching, mentoring, activity leadership and coaching for children and young people. The qualification provides learners with guidance about how to contribute in a team towards high quality PESS programmes as a sports leader, coach and teaching assistant.

There is an opportunity to progress to level 3 (or start on level 3 based on prior qualifications and experience), which is a competence-based qualification that confirms occupational competency for those operating in a school sport setting. This qualification also carries 24 UCAS points. Learners will be equipped with the knowledge to be able to plan, deliver and evaluate PE lessons, school clubs, events, competitions and playtime activities in conjunction with school sports leaders.

The framework will also provide learners with the key theory knowledge required to be able to carry out the above safely, effectively and in line with school procedure and policy to allow children the platform to be able to perform to the best of their ability when participating in sport.

  • Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Activity Leadership
  • Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Learning in Physical Education and School Sport
  • Level 2 Award in Employment Awareness in Active Leisure and Learning
  • Level 1 Functional Skills in Maths and English (if required) and/or upskill to Level 2
  • Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Supporting the Delivery of Physical Education and School Sport (24 UCAS Points)
  • Level 3 Award in Employment Awareness in Active Leisure and Learning
  • Level 2 Functional Skills in Maths and English


Level 2 Programme - 7 Half-Terms/60 Weeks
Level 3 Programme - 9 Half-Terms/76 Weeks
Complete Programme - 16 Half-Terms/136 Weeks


Unit 3: Understand Child and Young Person Development
This unit assesses learners’ knowledge and understanding of how children and young people from birth to 19 years develop, including underpinning theoretical perspectives.

Unit 6, 7, 8: Plan, Deliver and Evaluate a Physical Education and School Sport Programme
The learner must produce an overview of a term of PE and School Sport. Pupil profiles are completed with objectives and targets to be achieved over the term. Individual lesson plans will then be produced, delivered and evaluated. This can be done as extra-curricular activities and/or part of the curriculum.

Unit 10: Mentoring in Physical Education and School Sport
This unit requires the learner to engage closely with PE and School Sport deliverers to understand a key aspect of the role, including acting as a mentor and support mechanism for pupils in the school environment.